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Best Window Treatments for Kitchens: Shutters, Shades and Blinds

Amid the water, steam and grease from cooking, your kitchen is distinct from any other space in your Louisville home. Because it’s one of the most popular areas in your home for parties and family time, you’ll want it to look its best. That’s why an off-the-shelf window treatment won’t be right for one-of-a-kind areas like kitchens.

When creating new window treatments, you’ll want to keep the location in your decision-making process. Will it be an over-the-sink kitchen window treatment that may get wet or food stains as you wash dishes? Or is it in a more protected location, where fabric shades would be a great option?

You won’t be estimating on making the best kitchen window treatments when you partner with Louver Shop of Louisville. With years of knowledge, our design consultants know what will match best in your gorgeous residence and its unique concerns. By yourself, the process can appear overwhelming. With our expert help, it’s simple and even a good time to make the best option for your kitchen.

Here are a few of our designers’ recommendations for best window treatments for kitchens.

Best Over-the-Sink Kitchen Window Treatments

Simple-clean plantation shutters and blinds are classic window treatment styles to hang over your kitchen sink. As an added bonus, they don’t have to have lots of maintenance to keep them looking great or working properly.

Plantation Shutters

Already have plantation shutters in your house? Develop a connective look by adding them in your kitchen. When using plantation shutters in your kitchen, we advise going with a style made from quality polymer, like our exclusive LouverWood® Shutters.

These custom shutters are easy to clean with a wet cloth. And their finish stays beautiful while resisting water and steam. As an additional advantage, they insulate up to three times better than wood shutters, which helps keep your kitchen cozy year-round.


Blinds are one of the most adaptable and affordable window treatments. If you love the appearance of plantation shutters but are on a tighter budget, faux wood blinds deliver a comparable look for less. And they provide the majority of the same perks, such as simple cleaning and withstanding water.

For a more modern appearance, there’s mini blinds. Available in a wide selection of up-to-date metallic finishes, mini blinds are fast to clean and even easier to use.

You can make both styles of custom blinds smart by adding PowerView®, which allows you to open and close your window treatments with a touch of your phone.

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas for the Other Parts of Your Room

For spaces in your kitchen where steam and grease splatters aren’t a concern, there are many types of fabric and natural shades to flatter your home’s unique style.

Roman Shades

With neat pleats and bright colors to select from, Roman shades incorporate a contemporary twist in your kitchen. They’re better than simple roller shades and a wiser option than curtains that become dated quickly.

If your kitchen is white or incorporates a lot of stainless steel, you’ll be able to have just the right amount of color with a wide collection of fabrics, patterns and textures. Or, if you’re seeking farmhouse kitchen window treatments, you’ll be able to select from a wide range of favorite neutrals for just the right appearance.

As an added safety feature, our Roman shades don’t have rear cords, making them a smart selection for homes with young children and pets.

Sheer Shades

If your kitchen has many windows or attracts bright sunlight, ease the glare with sheer shades. Our sheer shades are a two-in-one window treatment, with adjustable vanes that float between two pieces of fabric. The vanes deliver superior light control, while the sheer fabrics transform bright sunlight into a welcoming glow.

Cellular Shades

If you want the energy efficiency of plantation shutters but want the appearance of a shade in your kitchen, cellular shades are a excellent option. These shades use honeycomb-shaped chambers that trap air at the windows, which are one of your house’s top sources of lost energy. As a result, your kitchen will feel more comfortable year-round. Having honeycomb shades throughout your residence might even help you decrease your heating and cooling bills.

Woven Wood Shades

If your fully white or stainless-steel kitchen is feeling a little cool, add warmth with woven wood shades[AM13]. These up-to-date kitchen window treatments are made from grass, reeds and wood for light filtration and long-term performance. If you have a lot of light or humidity in your kitchen, these natural materials can handle it without drooping or fading over time.

Creating Your Kitchen Window Treatments is Simple with Our Expert Assistance

Creating the best window treatments for your kitchen is simple when you call Louver Shop of Louisville. Get started by collecting kitchen window treatment ideas and then see them come around during your free, no obligation consultation. Get yours by calling us at 888-428-1415 now! We’ll help you every step of the way, from consultation to installation day!


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